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Boasting some of the youngest twin-engine helicopters within the UK charter industry, luxuriously fitted with plush leather interiors, each helicopter is maintained to the highest standards. Our enviable fleet consists of 7 modern twin-engine helicopters including AW109SPs, AS355s & B429s helicopters. Each helicopter seats between 5 -7 Passengers and provides a range of luggage space. Classified as all weather helicopters, these aircraft capable of withstanding most of the UK’s unpredictable weather. They also hold the ability to fly day or night. A combination of luxury helicopters also makes way for bespoke charter packages that are most cost effective and efficient for you as well as the ability to offer multi-helicopter services if you are looking to travel in a large group. Previous charters have included up to 50 passengers.


The AS355


• Seats up to 5 passengers •

• Cruise Speed 120kts •

• Limited Luggage Capacity •

The AS355 “Twin Squirrel” helicopter is probably the most synonymous aircraft with the UK charter industry. Offering unparalleled levels of safety and efficiency this light, twin-engine helicopter combines good cruise speed and excellent endurance. With two engines, all weather capabilities but relatively low running costs the AS355 helicopter is the perfect choice for safe, luxurious yet efficient travel making it a versatile helicopter for both business charters and leisure travel. GB Helicopters operates the latest variants N & NP of the AS355 helicopter range. Defeating their predecessors on all platforms, including the ability to remain airborne for up to 3 hours and holding a cruise speed of 120kts.  These Helicopters have an unobstructed cabin and forward facing seats that provide excellent visibility. Making a perfect choice for sightseeing flights.

GB Helicopters currently operates G-DCAM, G-VGMC, G-OLCP, G-CMRA, G-LINE.

The AW109SP


 • Seats up to 6 Passengers •

• Cruise Speed 140kts •

• Limited Luggage Capacity •

The pinnacle of GB Helicopters charter fleet, The Grand New is the next generation of the proven grand platform, designed using the latest technology the Grand New offers high performance capabilities and the new 4-axis digital duplex autopilot provide the pilots with situational awareness and flight management, making it an ultimate in safety and efficiency. All weather capabilities and exceptional range this luxury aircraft can get you almost anywhere. Capable of flying up to 6 passengers at speeds in excess if 150kts the AW109SP is the ultimate in luxury helicopter charter, this young Agusta model has an exceptional range ability.

GB Helicopters currently operates 1 AW109SP. 2015-manufactured G-IWFC.

The AS350B2


• Seats up to 5 Passengers •

• Cruise Speed 120kts •

• Limited Luggage Capacity •

The high-performance AS350B2 outclasses all other single engine helicopters on performance, versatility and safety. It excels in hot conditions and high altitudes, it even managed to break records when a standard model landed on the top of Mount Everest back in 2005. ( altitude: 29,029ft/8,848m).  The single squirrel has the capability to carry up to 5 passengers at a cruise speed of 120kts, for up to 2.5 hours depending on passenger weights. Very few single engine aircraft offer such a range of ability whilst carrying VIP passengers in comfort. If you are looking for an aircraft that offers a cost efficient alternative to twin-engine helicopters without loss in performance, the AS350B2 is the best option.

GB Helicopters currently operates G-WHST.

The B429

 • Seats up to 5 Passengers •

• Cruise Speed 140kts •

• Limited Luggage Capacity •

Manufactured in 2014 G-HPIN is one of the youngest aircraft in our fleet and Bell’s most recent executive Helicopter. Modeled on the smaller 427 variant, the B429 design is far larger than its predecessor andcomplete with a state of the art cockpit and avionics as well as boasting exceptional performance and range; making it is Bell’s most advanced and practical helicopter model to date. Seating up to 5 Passengers; a spacious 5-seat rear cabin configuration and large side doors to ease passenger mobility whilst boarding and departing, the Bell429 represents superior comfort. GB Helicopters currently operates 1 B429. 2014-manufactured G-HPIN.

If you have any enquiries about our fleet and services please do not hesitate to contact our operations team on 0800 030 4105 or email