Aerial Equipment Transfers

As specialists in aerial filming, we are conscious of the difficulties production houses face in order to maximise the time efficiency of each shoot and location. Our aim is to provide you with a multitude of services beyond filming requirements, which, are designed to ease your workload and help alleviate difficult logistics. This includes aerial equipment transfers.



Certified with both AOC and aerial work permits; (Part SPO). The AOC allows us to operate safe and legal charters throughout your filming requirements. Transferring VIPs and key personnel to any remote and hostile shoot locations. Whilst our utility load lifting equipment and experience allows us to transfer camera and production equipment safely and efficiently under aerial work permissions.

Equipment transfers via helicopter enables speedy point-to-point positioning, perfect for time-critical movements or where alternative transport and logistic solutions are not viable. Our operations team is committed to organising the fastest and most efficient means of your equipment transfers. Helping you get your filming kit and props from ‘A to B’ smoothly and safely by planning the best route of flight.

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