Aerial Utility Surveys for Power Lines

Highly experienced in power line surveys, we not only grasp the demanding schedules involved in the UK utility market but also possess the skills, experience and accuracy required to get aerial surveys completed quickly and safely. Acting as a reliable mechanism for your power line inspection and reporting system.

Safety is our primary objective to you, which is why we have invested in the best equipment to date. Hosting an array of high specification equipment that is unparalleled within the UK and teamed with our young, robust helicopter fleet, we can support your projects with superior performance on task.

Overhead Power line Surveys & Inspections


Housing the capability to conduct efficient overhead line inspections, from thermal and statutory inspections to conditional assessments. The team can swiftly observe each asset on a tower from a safe working distance. Reducing the risks associated with traditional inspection methods via foot patrol.

In addition to routine inspections, a large fleet of aircraft and experienced pilots enables us to operate urgent reactive surveys in the event of storm damage or poor weather conditions. Taking pride in the fast response provided to power network clients; often forecasting possible requirements by monitoring approaching storms, aircraft can be placed on standby in readiness.

Recent Projects