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Helicopter Charters - FAQs

Frequently Asked Helicopter Charter Questions – FAQs

When chartering helicopters, we know you may feel uneasy when you’re unsure what you’re asking for. To help get you started we have answered some of the most frequently asked helicopter charter questions.

What is a helicopter charter?

Helicopter charters can also be referred to as hiring and renting a helicopter. Whether hiring or chartering a helicopter, helicopter travel is one of the most efficient modes of transport. Add some allure to any occasion and make a grand entrance when you charter a helicopter.

How can I hire a helicopter?

To hire a helicopter with us at GB Helicopters, all you need to do is contact our operations team. Call us at 0800 030 4105 or complete our online contact form.

Once we have received all relevant information i.e., the number of passengers, departure and/or return times, dates, and destinations, our expert operations team can provide you with a bespoke quotation.

How much does a helicopter charter cost?

The final helicopter hire cost is dependent on numerous factors, including the type of aircraft, take a look at our fleet to select a specific helicopter for your journey.

Further considerations that impact the total cost include passenger numbers, the number of pilots, the time you fly, and landing fees. When it comes to landing fees, there is no fixed fee; they can vary from £20 to £1000+.

where can a helicopter land?

The versatile design of helicopters allows helicopters to land almost anywhere as long as space allows. We require only two factors when landing any of our aircraft:

To allow a safe landing we require 30m x 30m of a clear area for a landing.

To permit us to land, we do require landowner permission. But don’t worry our operations team will take care of this.

can helicopters fly at night?

Yes, our helicopters are Instrument Rated and can operate to IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), our pilots are also rated to this, enabling flights to take place day or night, 24 hours a day.

Can helicopters fly in bad weather?

Our aircraft are all-weather capable. However, low clouds and fog can provide issues for helicopters departing and arriving at private landing sites. High winds do not normally hinder helicopter charters; nonetheless, wind occasionally can cause an impact on charters.

How many passengers can fly in a helicopter?

The number of passengers our aircraft can carry depends on the type of aircraft you would like to fly in. Our AW109 and H155 can carry up to 6 passengers. Both our AS355 and B429 helicopters can carry 5 passengers.

Are you travelling with more than six passengers? No problem, we can provide you with multiple helicopters, to complete your journey.

Is there a height and weight limit?

We have no height requirements to travel in our aircraft. We do require passenger names and weights prior to flight. This is to enable fuel planning on the specified route.

If your question is not listed above, contact our expert operations team today! Call us at 0800 030 4105 or email our operations team at ops@gbhelicopters.com.