Aerial LiDAR Mapping

Aerial LiDAR Terrain mapping is the fastest growing area in the geospatial market. Acting as an integral application towards the planning, development and maintenance of a multitude of industries by gathering enhanced intelligence. We can assist you with reputable helicopter support for all of your aerial LiDAR requirements as we conduct surveying within the UK and parts of Europe.

Partnership & Equipment


Helicopter flights provide swift and speedy aerial LiDAR operations by covering large areas of land and infrastructural assets in short time frames. This is a huge benefit when data needs to be captured in built up areas or for transport links as it helps to minimise disruptions.

Having worked directly alongside some of the UK’s largest LiDAR technology companies for over 8 years; as well as established successful ongoing relationships, we have the ability to provide you with latest generation helicopters for extremely accurate terrain mapping solutions.

Boasting ongoing permissions for low level flying; granted by the CAA. We are able to operate helicopter activities including aerial LiDAR without further logistical planning and associated delays.

Recent Projects