The Epitome of luxury,

Airbus H155

The H155 (formerly EC155) is an icon of the luxury VIP charter industry. Designed and built by Airbus, the H155 is one of the most technologically advanced helicopters in its class and offers a smooth ride in a level of luxury equivalent to that of a private jet.

Spacious Luxury Interior

The helicopter seats up to six passengers in a spacious, noise cancelling cabin that features full leather seats and Bose headsets. The H155 also boasts a large luggage capacity, much larger than most helicopters in its class. It also features extendable steps to make boarding and exiting the aircraft easier.


Panoramic Views of London

Along with the spacious cabin, the H155 features three large windows on each side that offer unrivalled birds eye views during your flight. Based at Stansted Airport in London, we can be at London Heliport in minutes, providing great views of the London skyline.

A High Performance Aircraft

Featuring a five-blade Spheriflex main rotor and a shrouded Fenestron tail rotor, the helicopter enjoys the benefits of high speed with a low noise output. With a cruising speed of 155Kts and a range of over 400NM, the H155 is the highest performing aircraft in our fleet.


Safety is Paramount

This variant of the twin-engine H155 features an all-glass cockpit with integrated digital flight control system. It’s IFR capability means it can be flown safely at night and in adverse weather conditions. It also features a Vehicle and Engine Management Display and a four-axis digital autopilot that’s coupled to the engine FADECs for full-envelope protection.

Helicopter registration: G-HCNX
Manufacture year: 2007
Number of Seats: 5-6
Cruise Speed: 155KTS
Range: 460NM