The Tyler Minigyro

The Tyler Minigyro is a viable option when budget restricts your utilisation of a nose-mounted system or if you are looking to achieve dynamic handheld camera work on a moving vehicle or aircraft. The Minigyro is a handheld stabilising camera mount, which balances quality with budget. Whilst not being seen as cutting edge in the field, it continues to provide your production with unlimited scope and versatility.



The Tyler Minigyro is also a perfectly multi-functional stabilising camera mount. Configured with an adjustable tilt head and handles, which allow you to use the mount in small difficult spaces. As well as a quick release mounting plate for easy to change payloads; depending on your task requirement.

The hand-held system also provides you with further flexibility by providing the ability to go from one shooting platform to another. Combined with a one-minute assembly, and no installation required to vehicles, the system supports a quick set up for fast paced shooting and location changes.

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