The AW109SP is a leading choice for corporate and VIP transport. With an impressive sound proofed rear cabin, configured with six leather seats and finished with the finest interior trims; the AW109SP provides you with more than sufficient space for a relaxed flight.

Designed using the latest technologies for situational awareness and flight management. The SP also known as the Grand New is the latest premium variant within the successful A109 range and provides the ultimate level of safety and efficiency.

The Grand New Variant

Our aircraft, manufactured in 2013, is also one of the youngest Aw109 helicopter within the UK. Enhanced with the latest global navigation satellite system for all-weather operations and high performance flying capabilities, we can provide you with a quick and stylish transfer, regardless of the weather.


Elegant Design

Established for its speed and elegant appearance, this popular aircraft is solely dedicated to charter flights. With wide sliding doors on both sides and low-level wheels, the aircraft provides you with swift, easy access.

The retractable wheels also pay support to greater aerodynamic efficiency, allowing you to benefit from a smoother, more comfortable flight. In addition, the separate baggage compartment provides ample capacity for any soft, personal luggage.


Luxury finishes

Beautifully contoured in a timeless exterior paint scheme and high-quality craftsmanship fitted throughout the cabin, the AW109SP is set apart from older variants. Finished with a modern, well-appointed interior in soft grey hues, and brushed chrome trims, the AW109 encapsulates corporate sophistication.

Heat-reflective tinted windows are fitted throughout the cabin. Designed to filter UV rays while still filing the interior with an abundance of natural light, the high-end windows enforce the aircraft’s sense of esteem and privacy while keeping the cabin feeling perfectly spacious and airy.

Aircraft Registration: G-IWPI
Manufacture year: 2013
Seats: 5-6 passengers
Cruise Speed: 156KTS
Range: 464NM