GB Helicopters Projects

Our Operations Team work tirelessly to make all helicopter flights including charters, aerial filming projects and aerial work, seamless and stress-free. We have invested in the latest aircraft and equipment, meeting the demand of production companies. As a result, our aerial projects for TV and film have gone from strength to strength. Increasing both in task volume and workload and including exciting cinematic feature films, TV productions and commercials.



The stipulation for helicopters in the consumer energy and utility markets has strengthened over the last few years, leading to various aerial projects and utility helicopter flights being undertaken. Striving to get the work completed quickly and efficiently, we have invested in the best utility equipment on the market and conform to stringent safety and compliance regulations, recognised by industry professionals.

The combination of our reputation, equipment, experience and rigorous levels of safety has established us firmly within each sector of the market and demonstrates the variation of tasks that are achievable.

With a glimpse of the latest helicopter flights, through to additional equipment and assets, we hope to give you insight as to how we maintain these high levels of service. How we can provide you with the safest possible environment for each flight, and how we efficiently tailor each project to its individual requirement.