Created with the perfect combination of safety, durability and luxury. The B429 supports a magnitude of benefits; it boasts exceptionally large sliding doors, which in turn, allow ease of access to the spacious 5-seat rear cabin. Whilst, the private cabin also provides you with ample legroom and is finished with high-end tan leather, assuring superior comfort throughout your flight. In addition, the large baggage hold continues to provide extensive room for all your essentials.

B429 Performance Capabilities

Manufactured in 2014, the B429 is one of the youngest aircraft in the fleet and Bell’s most recent executive Helicopter variant. Modelled on the smaller 427 variant, the B429 design is far larger than its predecessor and boasts exceptional performance. Making it Bell’s most advanced and practical helicopter model to date for all private helicopter charters.


Impeccable Safety

With enhanced safety margins, proven power, technology and an integrated glass cockpit. The Bell 429 delivers exceptional speed, range and over-all performance. Making the B429 a perfect commercial aircraft dedicated to long charter flights.


Spacious Luxury

Boasting the largest cabin capacity for a lightweight twin-engine helicopter. The Bell 429 houses a corporate club-seat configuration, comprising of five bucket seats and central armrest station for the forward facing passengers. The large baggage hold also has extensive space and can accommodate both luggage and golf clubs. Fixed, low-level skids provide further assistance to the large unobstructed doors in easing your mobility when embarking and disembarking the aircraft.


Interior Finishing

The interior is upholstered in premium warm tan leather, coordinated leather trims and finished with complimentary beige interior airframe liners. Teamed with blacked out windows and provided with a selection of hand-picked refreshments you can relax in supreme levels of comfort and privacy.

Aircraft registration: G-HPIN
Manufacture year: 2014
Cruise Speed: 140KTS
Seats: 5 passengers
Range: 400NM