Discreet, Flexible

Urgent Freight Charter

Helicopter freight charter is the fastest way to deliver urgent and small cargo on time and with operations running 24/7. Flying cargo at a moments notice, we have the possibility to provide you with immediate responses for your emergency freight requirements.

Multiple Aircraft at the Ready


Depending on your specification we can also deploy multiple aircraft. Operating 6 AS355 Twin Squirrels that can be quickly adapted and re-configured for emergency freight transport. Including removing the rear seat for heavier or larger payloads. With two-engines these aircraft meet higher safety regulations allowing them to land in built up, congested areas, as well as fly day and night.

Managing your small cargo transfers from start to finish. All of our AS355’s are fitted with sophisticated on-board tracking systems. This allows us to give you an update on the lift and arrival of your emergency freight shipment in real time as well as live updates throughout your cargo’s journey.

If in the event that all of our aircraft are unavailable, we have close working relationships with other aviation and helicopter operators to help source an alternative aircraft. This includes fixed wing options for larger items. Depending on your urgent freight charter requirements we also operate a helicopter load lifting service. Carrying objects such as camera equipment, filming props and bulky equipment throughout remote and hostile areas.

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