AS355 Écureuil

Renowned for its high levels of safety, luxury and efficiency, the AS355 is a premium choice for refined charter flights. Configured with 4 plush leather, forward facing seats in the rear and boasting large unobstructed windows; the AS355 is a perfect choice to admire the breath taking panoramic views of the British countryside as you fly to your chosen destination.

Whether you are attending business meetings, taking a leisurely trip or choosing to fly into one of the UK’s major events, this light, twin-engine helicopter combines good cruise speed and excellent endurance, providing fast door to door travel throughout the UK.

An Instrumental Aircraft

The AS355 is instrumental to most operations within the company and is well established across the UK rotor industry. Providing cost-effective solutions, this multifunctional aircraft can be utilised on a variety of tasks including VIP charter, aerial filming and aerial work contracts.


AS355 N & NP Variants

Operating only the latest variants, the N & NP’s of the AS355 helicopter range. The machines boast two engines, all weather capabilities but relatively low running costs. Flights will also benefit from increased endurance and safety over older models.


Performance on task

In turn, these increased performance capabilities allow us to perform greater creative levels of flying. Whether you are looking for aerial filming, aerial stunts, load-lifting operations or a long distance charter, the AS355 is highly adaptable. Within aerial filming, the added aircraft performance capabilities of the N & NP’s give support to numerous camera payloads, including the Shotover K1, while still enabling the aircraft to remain nimble to creative direction and manoeuvres.


Interior Finishes

With a total of six AS355 helicopters within the fleet, all supporting high-end interior finishes and premium leather seats. Both the exterior paint and interior colour scheme will vary depending on your allocated aircraft, chosen by our operations team.

Helicopter Registration: G-DCAM | G-VGMC | G-GBTV | G-GHER | G-OLCP
Manufacture Year: 2007, 2001, 1999, 1998 and 1994
Number of Seats: 5 passengers (4 in the rear of the cabin and 1 alongside the pilot)
Cruise Speed: 120KTS
Range: 395NM