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Aircraft AS355


The AS355


• Seats up to 5 Passengers •

• Cruise Speed 120kts •

• Limited Luggage Capacity •

The AS355 “Twin Squirrel” helicopter is probably the most synonymous aircraft with the UK charter industry. Offering unparalleled levels of safety and efficiency this light, twin-engine helicopter combines good cruise speed and excellent endurance. With two engines, all weather capabilities but relatively low running costs the AS355 helicopter is the perfect choice for safe, luxurious yet efficient travel making it a versatile helicopter for both business charters and leisure travel. GB Helicopters operates the latest variants N & NP of the AS355 helicopter range. Defeating their predecessors on all platforms, including the ability to remain airborne for up to 3 hours and holding a cruise speed of 120kts.  These Helicopters have an unobstructed cabin and forward facing seats that provide excellent visibility. Making a perfect choice for sightseeing flights.

GB Helicopters currently operates G-DCAM, G-VGMC, G-OLCP, G-CMRA, G-LINE.

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