Warbird Workshop

Warbird Workshop has returned for a second series for the UKTV channel, Yesterday.  Following a group of engineers and aviators as they endeavour to restore some of the most historic warplanes ever to grace our skies.

Produced by Air TV, the first episode of the new series features a WWII Hawker Hurricane. Modified into the world’s only two-seater version of the aircraft. After months of painstaking restoration work, the experienced warbird pilot Anna Walker, flew over the countryside around Biggin Hill with its first passenger. We followed in our AS355 helicopter, equipped with our GSS camera system, capturing the magnificent machine’s return to the skies.

2 seater warbird workshop hurricane flying

We then had the privilege of filming Guy Martin training and flying this wonderful machine for his new two-part series, Guy Martin’s Battle of Britain. The show would see Guy undergo similar training to RAF pilots before the Battle of Britain.

The Hawker Hurricane is now available for you to experience for yourself down at Biggin Hill. With flight times ranging from 30 to 75 minutes, you can feel the raw power of a historic WWII fighter plane and even take the controls! (if the pilot allows it). You can read more about this on their website.

The fourth episode features the restoration of a 1930’s Morane-Saulnier MS.315. However, it ran out of fuel resulting in an emergency landing on a pebble beach. The plane was taken to a wartime bomber base in Lincolnshire and after the restoration was completed, we were there to film its first 40 minutes test flight.

1930's Morane Saulnier MS.315

You can watch the first and second series on the UKTV website.