Cold water and height challenges for

Series 5: Ultimate Hell Week The Professionals

RTE’s Ultimate Hell Week

Ireland’s most brutal reality TV show returned to our screens. Participating in the most difficult and physically demanding challenges organised by an elite team of former special forces soldiers for series 5: Ultimate Hell Week. Twenty of Irelands’ most well-known faces, including social media influencers, entertainers, and sporting legends, challenge their minds, bodies, and souls.

Despite getting little sleep each night, the celebrity recruits were put through challenges they could never dream they would ever encounter. Going through the key stages of the special forces highly classified selection process consequently enduring cold-water events, height challenges, claustrophobic obstacles, and various tests of strength, stamina, and resilience.

Whilst the celebrity recruits faced the special forces demanding challenges. GB Helicopters assisted with cold water events and height testing, enabling us to execute aerial stunts.

Ultimate Hell Week Special forces entering on our special operations platform

Save the Aerial Stunts for The Professionals

GB Helicopters are the first and only Helicopter operator in the UK to own a ‘Special Operations Platform’. Utilising the platforms spectacularly, this production was an excellent opportunity to introduce them. As the former Special Forces, make their dramatic entrance, they prepare to ambush the celebrity recruits on a bus.

Exposing the celebrities to the bitter waters close to Cork, Ireland. We performed one of our most popular and thrilling aerial stunts – ‘Heli-jumps’. Two celebrities stood directly on the helicopter skids before plunging themselves into the cold waters.

Lastly, our final aerial stunt for this production was to stage a helicopter accident. Our pilot skilfully, stimulated the aircraft to appear it had lost control as it “exploded” into the hills, sending the recruits on yet another overwhelming mission.

Equipment Used

For this production, we used one of our twin-engine helicopters to carry out and perform the aerial stunts. Capturing the immaculate footage was drone operator Lec Park.

For viewers in Ireland, you can watch Ultimate Hell Week – The Professionals on RTÉ One every Wednesday at 21.35.  

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