suspending Youtuber Tom Scott out of a Helicopter


Tom Scott, a well-known YouTube creator, recently announced that he will be retiring from making videos. Marking the end of an era for one of the platform’s most established creators. In a video he released on the 1st of January, titled “After ten years, it’s time to stop making videos”. Tom announced his decision to step away from his content creation duties.

Throughout his time on YouTube. Tom Scott has covered a wide variety of topics including data science, science experiments, history, and educational cultural explorations. He has gained a loyal following of fans who have come to appreciate his unique approach to presenting complex ideas in a fun and engaging way.


In his final video, Tom bids farewell to his viewers and reminisces about some of the most memorable moments from his channel. He shares some of the greatest moments including bloopers, behind-the-scenes footage, and highlights from his most popular videos.

For a long time, Tom had wanted to try something exciting on his YouTube Channel but had never found a reason to do so. This dream involved being harnessed to the underbelly of a helicopter. An experience Tom had always desired to film and share with his viewers. Finally, in his latest video montage, Tom was able to fulfil this wish. He ended his series with incredible footage of himself suspended by one of our AS355 helicopters.

Helicopters, long-lining and human underslung

At GB Helicopters dangling people from a helicopter isn’t an unusual request. We have conducted this stunt previously for Harry Styles‘ “Sign of the Times” music video, and most recently for a giant Dorito (albeit not a human). Taking part in Tom Scott’s ultimate content release was a delight for us at GB Helicopters, and we were happy to make his dreams come true by suspending him from one of our helicopters.

Director and Chief Pilot Will Banks flew the twin-engine aircraft, G-GBTV to Little Staughton Airfield. Upon arrival, our team provided Tom with a safety briefing. He was then securely harnessed to our long line. Finally, Tom took flight across the airfield whilst being suspended from our aircraft.


We required a permit from the CAA for using our Human External Transport System, this was obtained as task specific for this activity. Lec Park drone company shot the aerial footage for Tom Scott’s farewell video. We have a close relationship with Lec Park after  years of collaboration on countless projects.

Watch Tom Scotts latest upload on his YouTube Channel: @TomScottGo.

Aerial Stunts

At GB Helicopters we have the capability and expertise to safely execute helicopter stunts, one of the only helicopter providers in the UK to do so outside of military operations . So, if you’re looking to perform a skydive, or a heli-jump, or you have an unusual request, don’t hesitate to contact our operations team. Let’s discuss your aerial stunt today!

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