The Traitors

We had the pleasure of conducting the aerial filming and conducting an aerial stunt for The Traitors. The BBC series is a reality competition with a psychological twist, starring Claudia Winkleman. We provided the series with beautiful scenes of the Scottish Highlands including the famous Jacobite steam train as it crossed the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

What is BBC One The Traitors about?

The Traitors is the UK version English of the Dutch reality show “De Verraders”.  It is a psychological competition where contestants decide whom they can trust. In the Scottish Highlands, at a remote castle, Claudia Winkleman welcomes 22 strangers. They begin a psychological battle in the new BBC reality competition series. To win a cash reward of up to £120,000, the competitors start the ultimate game of deception, betrayal, and trust.

Disguised amidst the 22 participants are those known as Traitors, individuals hand-picked by Winkleman at the beginning of the series at ‘the roundtable’. The remaining members are referred to as the ‘Faithfuls’.

The Traitors’ mission is to assassinate one of the other players every night while avoiding detection from the Faithfuls. Before they become the next victim, the Faithful role is to detect who the traitors are and banish them from the game.

The competitors are given challenges to complete as a team, whether a Traitor or a Faithful. These challenges allow the contestants to build a total cash prize of up to £120,000. By the end of the game, the surviving Faithful has the chance of winning the life-changing sum. But if the Traitor goes unnoticed, they can take it all. 

How did GB Helicopters participate?

For this project of The Traitors, we conducted many of our services from aerial filming and helicopter stunts. Working with Studio Lambert and the BBC, we made their vision a reality as we perform many services under our umbrella of aerial filming services. Our expert team at GB Helicopters do their best to exceed producers’ vision for their projects.

Flying over the Scottish Highlands in our AS355 helicopter rigged with our Red Epic Dragon camera to capture the picturesque views. The footage provided the series with aerial shots of the scenery and castle used within the production. The shots taken are seen throughout the series as crossovers.

The production team requested footage of the Jacobite Steam Train crossing The Glenfinnan Viaduct, renowned for its appearances in the Harry Potter blockbusters. The train travels from Fort William to Mallaig twice daily. We examined the train schedule to ensure we were airborne ahead of time to capture the incredible shots. The opening title of the series includes this footage of the Jacobite Steam Train.

Jacobite Steam Train crossing The Glenfinnan Viaduct

Who doesn’t get excited about an aerial stunt?

At GB Helicopters we are well-known for carrying out aerial stunts for TV productions. You can see our previous aerial stunts in various productions which aired last year such as Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars, and RTEs Ultimate Hell Week. Studio Lambert and the BBC took the opportunity to put our aerial stunt expertise to the test.

Well, for The Traitors the stunt selected by the production team was the popular heli-jump. Over the bitter Scottish lake, our chief pilot and director Will Banks flew the contestants in our AS355 helicopter before they plunged into the intensity of the water. This was filmed by drone pilot Steve Peters.

Permissions required?

Throughout the filming, for this project, we obtained the permissions necessary to allow us to achieve the required footage. To enable us to conduct the aerial filming for this project we operated at our long-standing permit for low-level flying. When conducting the aerial stunts for The Traitors we obtained a permit from the CAA to allow for jumps into the cold waters.

The Traitors is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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