Aerial Filming for

The Responder

Aerial Filming for The Responder

Written by Tony Schumacher a former Merseyside police officer. Tony used his experiences from his time as a first responder to write the gripping police thriller TV series. With first-hand accounts where good, hard-working people are being stretched beyond belief.

The Responder explores the emotional difficulties of life on the front lines, which British Policing face. Starring Martin Freeman as Chris Carson, a morally compromised first responder. Carson tackles a series of night shifts on the beat on the streets of Liverpool. Consequently, officer Carson becomes stretched to the point of mental exhaustion as a result of countless ‘on-the-job’ scenes. His duties require him to attend to emergency calls, which can include anything from recovering body parts from road traffic accidents to neighbour disputes. He parades across the city of Liverpool, amidst the hustle and bustle.

Aerial footage taken when filming for BBC One's The Responder.

Along with dealing with the mentally demanding activities officer Carson encounters daily. Carson’s professional life starts to influence his personal life, causing his mental health to deteriorate after many years on the force. As a result of this, his marriage suffers. As the series progresses, Chris begins to wonder what is right.

How was GB involved?

To complete the required filming shots for this project we used one of our As355 Twin-engine helicopters. Filmed with our GSS nose-mounted camera system, which we paired with our Red Epic Dragon camera and a 30-300mm lens. We used our equipment to film and collect extracts providing aerial footage for the series.

The 5 part series aired in January on BBC One and is available to watch on iPlayer.