The Peoples Postcode Lottery

The Postcode Lottery aired the second part of their December draw on ITV, for those who take part to win an astonishing, life-changing 16.9 million pounds. we provided two helicopters for the creation of this project.

The Peoples Postcode Lottery’s advert

It was great to be working alongside director Marcus Liversedge at ITV’s Creative team again for The Peoples Postcode Lottery. We previously collaborated with him at last year’s Brit Awards, where we flew the legendary Liam Gallagher to the award show as part of his stage debut.

Collaborating with ITV’s Creative production team and The People’s Postcode Lottery, our team was tasked to conduct aerial filming for this project. Aiding to produce the 2022 Christmas edition of the advert.

Our Involvement and equipment

The spectacular red aircraft, supplied by us! Perfectly complemented the production of the Peoples Postcode Lottery advert, as it paired with their brand colours. Our chief pilot and director of GB Helicopters Will Banks was the pilot of this aircraft. Performing low-level flying, Will soared above The Peoples Postcode Lottery’s red lorry, following along its path.

To acquire productions required footage for this project, putting his pilot skills to the test. Will ensured to keep the aircraft at a minimum of 10 metres apart from the lorry as he flew along the lorries route.

We handed the task of capturing shots of the red picture ships to one of our experienced pilots. Flying in one of our twin-engine AS355 helicopters, rigged with our GSS C516 system fitted with our Red Epic Dragon to conduct the aerial filming.

To achieve incredible shots of the helicopter and lorry in a single frame, the pilot shadowed both the red aircraft and the lorry. The twin-engine pilot flew above both, capturing fantastic shots of the picture ships in a single frame.

Permissions required

We hold a permit from the CAA to conduct low-level flying. The aircraft operated at a low level no closer than 10 meters from the lorry. While ensuring the shot of the helicopter and lorry was possible in a single frame. The 10 meters from the lorry and red helicopter included all aircraft parts, including the rotors. Our AS355 aircraft remained a minimum of 200’ separated from the red aircraft and lorry throughout production.

Aerial Filming Services

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