The Hunted: Series 4

The hunted is a reality TV series produced by Shine TV where you will see ten ordinary members of the public go on the run, trying to completely drop off the grid for up to 25 days in the chance of winning a cash prize. They will have limited financial resources and must do whatever they can to maintain a low profile against the hunters who will be using every trick in the book to track, find and catch them.

Our task throughout the series was to provide multiple aircraft for the air-to-air footage and aerial views. Using one of our AS355 twin squirrel helicopters we were able to help the hunters as one of their many ways used to track and follow the contestants.

Series 4 aired on 10th January 2019 staring with an audacious speedboat chase through Liverpool docks, as the series progresses you will see exciting vehicle and foot chases while they are on the run.

What Camera system was used?

All the aerial footage was captured with the GSS C516 and Red Epic Dragon camera. This system is renowned for its unprecedented UHD quality when supported with the 50-1000mm Cine lens. The nose mounted camera system was rigged to one of our AS355 twin squirrel aircraft.

Where there any permissions involved?

At GB Helicopters we hold a low-level flying permission which allows us to track and vehicles and people closely achieving the shots required by production teams. As we were flying over Liverpool we liaised with Liverpool air traffic control as we were in their zone.

How do I find out if any permissions are needed for my production?

We understand that each production is completely unique. To discuss what tasks are achievable or simply if you would like any more information on helicopter aerial filming or the camera systems available for TV and Film, please do not hesitate to contact our operations team on ops@gbhelicopters.com or calling 0800 030 4105