Joining the Fleet

The H155

A new aircraft joins the GB Helicopters fleet, the Airbus H155. This luxury aircraft is one of the most technologically advanced helicopters in the world. It will serve our VIP charter clients and is based out of Stansted Airport.

The Gold Standard

The H155 is the epitome of luxury helicopter travel. With a level of comfort and refinement that you’d find in a private jet, it caters primarily to the VVIPs. It can carry up to six passengers in full leather seats, in one of the most spacious cabins available in its class. This, combined with its interior soundproofing and shrouded Fenestron tail rotor, provides one of the quietest, smoothest and most comfortable rides possible.

luxury leather interior of EC155

It also boasts one of the largest cargo holds for helicopters of this size. Allowing you to carry that much more with you, making it ideal for airport transfers or getaways to anywhere in the country and northern Europe.

It has a cruising speed of 155KTS and a range of over 400NM, making it the fastest and longest range helicopter in our fleet.

Safety Built In

Designed and built with enhanced safety in mind, the twin-engine H155 features an all glass cockpit, advanced avionics and autopilot assist the pilots in their job of keeping you safe. This makes the helicopter IFR capable, meaning it can fly safely and comfortably at night and in adverse weather conditions.

H155 helicopter

London Based

With its home at Stansted Airport, it is ideally located for people flying into and out of London for business or pleasure. Within minutes of taking off, it can be over central London and land at London Heliport moments later. This makes the H155 perfect for picking up important guests from London’s airports and bringing them to you in style.