The First in the UK with

Specialist Operations Platforms

Film and TV purposes

Our TSOP specialist operations platform is designed to make helicopter missions easier, safer, and more efficient. Whether you are in demand to use the benches for action, drama or entertainment purposes, the opportunities are endless.

Explore your visions and ensure the final shot of your production provides viewers with exciting and daring scenes. Are you in demand for your cast to perform a special force’s operation? Make use of our specialist operations bench as a sniper platform or complete an enhanced search and rescue mission. Heli-borne snipers can serve as aerial patrols for convoys and raid teams while providing aerial support for missions. While completing courageous operations, create a compelling and thrilling scene for your viewers.

Create a dramatic entrance for presenters, whilst engaging audience anticipation. Provide a spectacular and adventurous opening or closing title, whilst the presenters sit on the exterior of a helicopter as it glides through the sky.

Allow viewers to grasp their seats and set a daring challenge for contestants participating in a reality show. Secure the contestant onto the specialist operations benches and assess their abilities.

Involving the ‘TSOP’ as part of aerial stunts will surely add to dramatic effects. No more CGI or receiving less for the image you initially had for your production. Here at GB Helicopters, we are excited to introduce our specialist operations platform for aerial film and TV uses.

There are countless purposes for the special operations bench, and we are always open to exploring. No matter how adventurous or unusual your requests are we will do our best to fulfil them.

Our specialist operations platform can be paired together with either our H125 or AS355 aircraft.

Time Efficient

Taking only five minutes to install. The benches are externally mounted to the rear of the cabin and fuselage area, with jack points, unique clamps, and brackets.

Safety Measures

Built with an aerodynamic design and provides dual seating. The TSOP allows four individuals to be positioned and secured to the benches. Once installed, the platform allows up to 500 lbs capacity on either side of the platform. The stable platforms have anchor points for a safety harness/belt.

Safety is paramount to us; we will always adhere to safety regulations in line with the CAA.

To use our Special Operations Platform email our operations team at ops@gbhelicopters.com or call us on 0800 030 4105