Breaking onto the big screens

Shotover K1 with Hammerhead

We have recently taken delivery of the Shotover K1 including interchangeable frontal architecture, to allow quick changes from a single payload to the three-payload Hammerhead array; a superior level of sophistication for enhanced motion pictures.

What are Shotover systems?
Shotover is a developer of high performance aerial camera systems for the motion picture and broadcast industries. The company has produced an impeccable line of gyro-stabilised camera platforms that offer aerial creative’s an unrivalled level of stability, control and versatility.
Of which, the Shotover K1 is their highest performance camera system designed and manufactured to date. Made from intelligent carbon fibre and stabilisation mechanics. The K1 has also been constructed to house the latest variety of high performance camera payloads giving cinematographers full filming flexibility.

What is the Hammerhead Array?
The Hammerhead architectural adaptation to the K1, is design to house three top-of-the-line DSMC2 Monstro 8K VV sensors from camera giants Red. This tri-payload adaptation has been specifically developed and designed to improve Motion Pictures Visual Effects by providing the ability to synchronize the three 8K sensors in one flight. (Previously done by multiple fly overs and a vast amount of time consuming post production to try to create the same angle, lighting and other variables)

Why Red Monstro’s?
The 8K Red Monstro’s deliver stunning image quality with supersized rectangular portrait filming chips. Once stitched, this will provide extreme cinematic definition and panoramic field that surpasses all other aerial filming sequences to date.

Where can the Shotover system be used?
Initially designed to improve the aerial mount industry. The system is universal and can also be mounted on cranes and cars alongside other camera systems including the Shotover F1 and the cinematic GSS C516, providing further scope for any form of filming moving sequences.

Having already completed works that contributed towards Dunkirk, Transformers 5 and the up-coming Terminator movie. We are hoping to continue to see further growth in the aerial filming sector worldwide.

For more information on the camera system, availability and bookings click here or contact our operations team on ops@gbhelicopters.com or call 0800 030 4105.