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Series 5 Celebrity Hunted

Stand up 2 Cancer – Celebrity Hunted

Ten fresh, famous faces are returning to Channel 4 for the show’s fifth series. Celebrities now known as fugitives are on the run for, Stand Up To Cancer’s Celebrity Hunted. Over the years we have worked on numerous projects with Shine TV and have collaborated with them for both Hunted and Celebrity Hunted. Take a look at our involvement in series 4 of Celebrity Hunted.  

For series 5 of Celebrity Hunted, GB Helicopters were called to conduct the aerial filming, while also helping to track the well-known fugitives.

Conducting the aerial filming

For series 5 of Celebrity Hunted, we operated two AS355 twin-engine helicopters’ to conduct the aerial filming.

On board with the pilot was a hunter tracking the fugitives, coordinating with the ground team to track and capture the celebrities.

Rigged to the helicopter was a state-of-the-art GSS C516, a lightweight and compact gyro-stabilised camera system. To capture the shots for series 5 of Celebrity Hunted we paired our GSS with our RED Epic Dragon.

Shropshire was one of the locations we were tasked to fly to, for series 5 of Celebrity Hunted. This was well documented on social media and media outlets on the day of filming since many spotted our aircraft and shared their sightings.

Flying above Shrewsbury prison we captured shots of the celebrity fugitives escaping the former prison. Using the footage were the professional hunters on board, transmitting the footage to the ground team, and keeping track of the fugitives’ locations.

Aerial shot of Shrewsbury Prison for Celebrity Hunted

As documented, this was the start of the celebrity fugitives attempting to remain undetected by the former police and intelligence officials.

Celebrity Fugitives Line-up

The celebrity fugitives taking part and paired together for Channel 4’s Celebrity Hunted are the following.

  • Nik Speakman and Eva Speakman
  • Ed Gamble and James Acaster
  • Katya Jones and Amiee Fuller
  • Saffron Barker and Bobby Seagull
  • Nicola Thorp and Nikesh Patel

Permissions Required

We obtained the necessary permissions for the aerial filming of series 5 Celebrity Hunted. We utilised our long-standing low-level permit from the CAA to conduct the aerial filming for this project.

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    Celebrity Hunted is available to watch on Channel 4 and All 4.