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Series 17 The Apprentice

The Apprentice

At the start of the year, we saw the return of BBC One’s most popular entrepreneur show, The Apprentice. Staring the nation’s favourite businessman, Lord Sugar for series 17.

We saw the candidates sell and run bespoke tours on the magnificent Caribbean Island of Antigua. They have created advertising campaigns for electric motorbikes, and branded and packaged dog food, naming a few of their projects.

The line-up gradually reduced from 18 to the winning contestant.  We witnessed toe-curling negotiations, firings, and a number of disgruntled clients followed by the announcement of who was to become Lord Sugars’ next business partner.

GB Helicopters Tasked with Aerial Filming

Now, we have enlightened you on some of the projects the candidates worked on during the production. Discover GB Helicopters’ involvement in series 17 of The Apprentice.  

In 2022 we collaborated with the BBC Creative team on various projects, including series 16 of The Apprentice. We accomplished and exceeded the producers’ expectations when conducting the aerial filming, and they contacted us again.

Following discussions with the producers, they specified their desired shots.  We were required to capture aerial shots across London and popular landmarks of the city. Our twin-squirrel AS355 helicopter was the ideal aircraft for this project.

To conduct the aerial filming for The Apprentice, we rigged the helicopter with our GSS C516 compact lightweight gyro-stabilised gimbal.  The GSS C516 can be fitted with a range of camera and lens payloads. To carry out the aerial filming for The Apprentice, we paired the GSS with our Red Epic camera and the Canon 30 – 300 lens.

You can watch the aerial footage we shot for The Apprentice throughout series 17 as crossovers between scenes.

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    The Apprentice series 17 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.