Aerial Filming for

Helicopter ER

Helicopter ER takes you inside the hi-tech cabin of Helimed 98 & 99 of the high-speed, high-stakes world of a rapid response air emergency service. The programme follows the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, who cover 4 million acres and a population of approximately 5 million as they respond to real and extreme emergencies throughout Yorkshire. This gives everyone watching an insight into the amazing air ambulance team, the outstanding doctors and the paramedics that save lives on a daily basis.

Our Airbus AS355 twin-squirrel helicopter,  carried out the filming using our GSS C516 camera system. Due to the unpredictable time of day an emergency can happen, we film both day and night shoots. Filming takes place with the Red Epic Dragon during the day and the ARRI Alexa Mini or Sony P1 at night, all fitted with a 30-300 Canon lens.

G-DCAM Helicopter rigged with camera featuring an air ambulance

Following in close proximity to the air ambulance as it lands and takes off from various sites around Yorkshire, including helipads at hospitals, is a key part of the filming for Helicopter ER. The CAA have granted us a long-term certificate for low-level flying permission, which is perfect for productions as it enables us to get closer to the action.

Created by AirTv, Helicopter ER is broadcast on the Discovery Networks channel, Really. The latest series, 6, aired back in January 2021 and is available to watch on the Discovery+ website.