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Urgent Freight Charter

Helicopter freight charter is the fastest way to deliver urgent and small cargo on time and with operations running 24/7, we have the possibility to provide you with immediate responses for your emergency freight requirements.

Freight Charter


With a wealth of experience working alongside freight specialists, we can manage the transport and logistics required for a diverse range of small cargo transfers. Safely and securely transporting goods including manufacturing components and spare parts for airliners and vehicles, as well as medical equipment.

Urgent freight charter via helicopter enables speedy door-to-door transfers, perfect for time-critical cargo or where alternative transport and logistics solutions are not viable. Our operations team is committed to organising the fastest and most efficient means of small cargo transfers. Helping you get your goods from ‘A to B’ by taking care of the route planning best suited to meet your needs. Whether providing transportation from a single parcel to high volume freight.

We will also try our upmost to provide you with one of our aircraft at short notice for swift and immediate movements. Lifting in as little as 30 minutes from initial confirmation of request. Within this 30-minute window our pilots can carry out preflight safety checks and adjust the aircraft interior to accommodate freight movements; making sure your cargo will remain safe and secure throughout its transfer.

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