The beauty of

business travel

It isn’t every day that your commute makes it to the papers for positive reasons.

Most Monday morning commutes are mundane, frustrating and tiresome according to the latest TUC study. Statistics state there are over three million commuters who travel over two hours each day within the UK; so its no wonder that it’s not always a pleasant experience.

But, unlike everyone else, one of our passengers managed to capture some amazing shots of England’s capital as it loomed in fog. Beautiful, stunning images which even made it to The Telegraph, The Times and The Sun.

The fog caused further commute delays on the ground but above the clouds our clients were able to get across the UK quickly and efficiently. Staying relaxed and focused for the day of meetings ahead, they also managed to absorb the scenic surroundings, encapsulating just one of the beauties of business travel via helicopter.

Although The Shard and other high-rise buildings were captured peaking out through low lingering fog is not an everyday sight, a calm comforting environment, and beautifully scenery remains one of the many benefits of utilising helicopters for executive business travel.

Business helicopter charters are fully flexible and work around your schedule and needs.

Allowing you to maximise your time in the office or at a meeting. It also allows you to visit multiple sites in one day, cover large distances in limited timeframes, and avoid the heavily congestive roads and rail during the peak commute times.

Many of our business charter clients choose to do the London commute from Manchester or surrounding areas. Taking merely 1 hour. Our twin-engine helicopters can also support the added convenience of taking you door to door* so there are no airports, waiting lounges or other unnecessary distractions on your journey.

The privacy allows you to relax, in the comfort of the luxury leather interior or utilise the time for reviewing your meeting notes and business planning.

If you are interested in how business helicopter charters could benefit you and your business, contact our operations team at 0800 030 4105 or email us at ops@gbhelicopters.com.

* Minimum of 30m2 clear space for landing.