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Guy Martins' Great British Power Trip

Guy Martin investigating how the country produces electricity during the cost-of-living crisis


With rising energy bills, Guy Martin aims to discover why electricity is costing so much. The former TT racer hosted a three-part series, which aired on Sunday 12th February at 9pm on Channel 4.

Learning how renewable energy works, Guy goes behind the scenes at the Drax power station in Yorkshire. Inspecting the mills and boilers used to create electricity from wood pellets.

Exploring the National Grids Control Centre, Guy Martin took flight in their helicopter. The National Grid routinely inspect electricity pylons, every day. Capturing Guy and the National Grids aircraft in action, was our team at GB Helicopters.

GB Helicopters air-to-air filming of National Grids helicopter captured for Guys Great British Power Trip


In 2020 North One Television contacted us and we successfully provided aerial film services and picture ships for Guy Martins: Battle of Britain. Following this remarkable production, they approached us again! This time it was to conduct the air-to-air filming for the production of Guys’ Great British Power Trip.

Our team was delighted to be working with North One and Guy again. After corresponding with North One Television producers and coordinators at National Grid. Abi, our operations manager, identified filming locations in order to plan for any refuelling stops.

Before flying out to the Drax power station, one of our AS355 twin-engine helicopters was fitted with our GSS C516 camera system. We paired the GSS camera system with our compact, lightweight Sony P1 camera. The Sony P1 is a high-definition compact camera, with the flexibility to film almost anywhere making it the perfect match for this project.

While Guy and the electrical transmission team were on board the National Grids helicopter conducting power line inspections over Nottinghamshire.  Our experienced pilot followed them, flying in our AS355 helicopter, capturing the aerial footage.

Take a look at some of the aerial shots we took for Guys’ Great British Power Trip.


We obtained the necessary permissions for Guys’ Great British Power Trip, allowing us to perform aerial filming for this project at our long-standing low-level flying permit.

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    Guy’s Great British Power Trip is available to watch on All 4.