Game Shooting Helicopter Hire

Helicopter charters are an excellent complement to game shoots. With an all wealther twin-engine fleet, GB Helicopters can provide a stylish and efficient means of transportation, eliminating the need for long drives on winding roads. By flying directly to your next shoot, you can maximize your time on the terrain and make the most of your hunting experience.

Field Sports Helicopter Hire

At GB Helicopters we have a rich history of providing exclusive travel solutions for field sports. Our team are familiar with the typical day practices of a shoot and maintain extensive experience taking clients to shoot locations and lodges throughout the UK.

Within the UK, the shooting season is carefully regulated to allow populations to flourish, breed and move around areas to feed and overwinter. The game shooting seasons differ across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  Take a look at the most popular game shooting seasons below for a helicopter hire.


The glorious twelfth is the twelfth day of August. The grouse shooting season commences and elite teams travel to Scotland and the North of England in pursuit of this spectacular sport. The 12th of August becomes one of the busiest days in the game shooting season.

Red Grouse


England, Scotland, Wales

12th August – 10th December

Northern Ireland

12th August – 30th November


Taking place throughout the UK, partridge shooting has been a popular field sport since the 17th Century. The UK is a paradise for partridge shooting from the idyllic terrain to the impressive countryside both offer a haven for partridges.


England, Scotland, Wales

1st September – 1st February

Northern Ireland

1st October – 31st  January

partridge game shoot


The crisp autumn air and the changing of leaves, remind every shooting enthusiast it’s time for a pheasant shoot. Pheasant shooting is often seen as a classic British countryside fieldsport with many fantastic shoot locations throughout the UK. To get through all the UK’s exhilirating pheasant shoots can be a lengthy mission, reduce the time it takes to get to them when you hire a helicopter.


England, Scotland, Wales

1st October – February 1st

Northern Ireland

1st October – 1st January


Our exclusive twin-engine fleet will complement your day’s shoot. Reduce the travel time and difficulty of arriving at country estates and lodges across the country when hiring a helicopter for your field sports activities.

At GB Helicopters we hold strong relationships with game shooting venues, throughout the UK which helps to maintain landing permissions.

Hiring a helicopter for your next shoot will allow you to spend less time travelling and more time on the terrain.

Speak with our expert operations team today, remember to tell us if you would like to bring your Gun Dog with you.

Game Shooting Helicopter Charters

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