Helicopter Picture ships for Fool Me Once

Netflix – Fool Me Once

Quay Street Productions’ adaptation of Harlan Coben’s novel Fool Me Once stars Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern, a flight instructor who is dealing with the loss of her husband, Joe. In an effort to keep an eye on her daughter. Maya discovers her supposedly deceased husband in her home after she installs a nanny cam.

Providing Picture Ships

Quay Street Productions contacted our operations team at GB Helicopters.  After initial meetings, and a visit to view the different aircraft in our fleet. Production decided that the AS355 Twin Squirrel met their needs. In terms of the ‘on film’ appearance and the ample cabin space the aircraft offered for the cameraman and director. Using two aircraft maximised the flexibility to the production and have the ability to shoot in two places at once.  Two of our pilots were dedicated to the task, Captain’s Jonny Stocken and Dan Hagan. They both were briefed and carried out various scenes both on and off camera.

During the production of Fool Me Once, our AS355 helicopters were captured in several places and reinforced the helicopter pilot background of lead actress Michelle Keegan.  While filming Fool Me Once, our AS355 helicopters appeared prominently in multiple scenes, enhancing lead actress Michelle Keegan’s portrayal of a helicopter pilot.

Barton Aerodrome was a key location in filming. While briefings occurred on the ground and one aircraft remained stationary, our aircraft seamlessly flew through the captured frames.

Throughout the series, our aircraft appear in several episodes in various phases of flight. Filmed from the ground and from within. One instance includes landing in a clearing in Delamere Forest, following an unexpected helicopter based car chase.

Overall, GB Helicopters played a crucial role in the production of Fool Me Once, providing both aircraft and pilots for the filming process.

GB Helicopters Operations for Fool Me Once

As part of our risk assessment process, GB Helicopters Director and Chief Pilot, Will Banks, conducted a recce to Delamere Forest.  He travelled by road to verify there was adequate cleared space for the aircraft to land and depart safely. He also checked the suitability of the landing site for the aircraft.

Throughout filming, for this project, we obtained the permissions necessary to allow us to achieve the required footage. This includes landing permissions from Forestry England for Delamere Forest.

The booking of helicopter landings at Manchester Barton Aerodrome was expertly handled by our operations team, who also coordinated with Quay Street Productions ensuring all relevant parties were informed about the necessary filming tasks.

Fool Me Once was released on 1st January and is available on Netflix.

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