The World’s highest Cheese Pull with Doritos

The time we helped Doritos set the World’s Highest Cheese Pull by long lining a 4ft Dorito from our helicopter and dipping it into an enormous pot of piping hot cheese.

GB Helicopters Long Lining a Giant Dorito  

At GB Helicopters we’re no strangers to receiving both unique and extraordinary helicopter requests. One such request came from Good Relations PR earlier this year. They approached us with an exciting idea: to dangle an enormous Dorito and dip it into a massive amount of cheese. All in the name of setting the world record for the highest cheese pull.  

This aerial stunt was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our expertise. In addition to flawlessly performing the long-lining manoeuvre. We also branded our twin-engine AS355 aircraft as Doritos, making for a truly remarkable event.

How did we organise to long-line a giant Dorito?

Our operations team were the first point of contact to provide a bespoke quotation and to ensure all permissions were granted by the CAA. Given the complexity of flying with a massive Dorito suspended from the helicopter, extensive planning was required.

At GB Helicopters we hold a fantastic relationship with RJ Signs, who we have returned to each time for each helicopter wrapping request. This project was no different! RJ Signs transformed and gave G-GBTV a crisp new look.

At GB Helicopters, we take health and safety very seriously, especially when it comes to route planning. We made sure to avoid routes that would take us over residential areas while we had the 4ft Dorito suspended from our aircraft. Ground control was also the pinnacle in the safe success of this mission. They ensured the area was secured for our sole use.

Setting the World Record for the Highest Cheese Pull

With all necessary planning and risk assessments taken into consideration, the day finally arrived. On September 12th, Abi, our Operations Manager, and GB Helicopters’ Director and Chief pilot, Will Banks, set off from Cheshire to Cheddar Gorge.

As the task got underway, locals couldn’t help but notice a “yellow triangle” dangling from the helicopter. Giving away that something cheesy was afoot. Word quickly spread from curious locals on social media as to what was taking place at the Gorge.

Much to the delight of our client, our helicopter G-GBTV soared over the Gorge with a massive 4-foot Dorito dangling from it. But that was just the beginning of the madness! To take things up a notch, Will flew over an enormous pot of melted cheese, dipping the Dorito into it and creating the world’s highest cheese pull.

Social media star and Hits Radio Presenter Sam Thompson was also participating in the record-breaking day. Take a look below at how GB Helicopters helped Doritos break the World Record for the highest Cheese Pull.