Filming across the north east for

Series 10 BBC Ambulance

GB Helicopters followed our wonderful ambulance crews to provide aerial footage for the tenth series of BBC’s BAFTA award-winning factual series of Ambulance.

Aerial Filming For Ambulance

Following series 9, BBC One Ambulance returns for its tenth series, focusing on the North East Ambulance Service. Since 2018, our crew has been performing aerial filming for the production of Ambulance. For series ten, we followed our amazing ambulance and paramedic crews from the sky across the North East. Series 9 and 10 are the first time BBC Ambulance has focused on the North East Ambulance and emergency response team.

How did GB Helicopters’ participate in the production of BBC One’s Ambulance?

Flying overhead in one of our AS355 twin-engine helicopters, we followed the emergency response teams to significant incidents across the North East. We equipped our twin-engine aircraft with our cutting-edge GSS C516 lightweight camera system and our RED Helium camera to capture the required footage.

Combining our ultra-high-definition camera systems, we flew overhead convoy with several emergency response vehicles and filming crew. This allowed us to capture the required footage of the North East ambulance service attending emergency scenes.

Additionally, we filmed overhead views of the Tyne River, Tees Transporter bridge, and scenic views. This footage captured can be seen throughout the series as transition scenes.

This series shows us a small fraction of what our paramedics attend to at heart-wrenching scenes. 24 hours 365 days a year.

Production and permissions required

GB Helicopters collaborated with Dragonfly Television and the BBC who produced the BAFTA Award-winning documentary series Ambulance.

The permissions required for this production were covered under the permit we hold from the CAA permitting us to fly at low levels.

Ambulance Series 10 air’s every Wednesday on BBC One and is available on iPlayer.

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