Our Work On

Ambulance Series 4

We are delighted to reveal another exciting aerial filming project that we have had the pleasure on working on with Dragonfly Film and TV Productions, for documentary series Ambulance Series 4.

Ambulance is a BAFTA Award-winning British documentary series that follows the Ambulance Services. Series 4 takes a detailed look at day-to-day emergency responses paramedics attend in the North West as well as a revealing insight from highly pressurised control rooms to the crews on the street.


Our operational task throughout the series was to provide aerial overviews as well as tracking emergency response vehicles on major incidents throughout the North West, with the main content captured around the Manchester area.

Combined with one of our ultra high definition camera systems we were able to fly in convoy with a number of vehicles and aircraft to achieve the shots required by production. Holding a long-term low-level flying permission that allows us to achieve these dynamic aerial footage sequences in Ultra High Definition.


All aerial filming was captured on the state-of-the-art GSS C516 nose mounted camera system, which was configured with our Red Epic Dragon, and 30-300 Canon lens. The 30-300 lens was recommended by our aerial cinematographer for the shoot due to the variety of shots production were looking to achieve; including night time scenes.

All filming supplied by ourselves was conducted on an AS355 twin-engine aircraft, which has the correct safety performance and parameters that allow us to fly around the city centre and over built up areas.

Shooting for the series took place back in August 2018 and the series is currently being aired on BBC One.

If you would like to request any further information on the aerial camera systems available, or aerial filming availability and bookings please do not hesitate to contact our operations team on ops@gbhelicopters.com or call 0800 030 4105.