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The S76 C++ is the largest within the fleet; the first to fall under the medium-sized helicopter category. Offering new levels of diversity to our fleet, the aircraft offers you with exceptional performance, endurance, speed and cabin capacity. Favoured amongst royals and dignitaries, and housing 6 seats as well as a coffee and refreshment station. The S76 exudes space and sophistication.

Innovative Design

Three decades of innovative manufacturing and design improvements by Sikorsky has lead to the evolution of the C++ variant of the S76. Delivering the highest level in safety, comfort, performance and reliability. The S76 features twin turbo-shaft engines, four-bladed main and tail rotors and retractable landing gear in addition to a dual FADEC system that enhances performance and safety so you can fly with confidence.

Outstanding Performance

The aircraft also provides the unique combination, of the comfort and quietness of a luxury airliner, whilst still maintaining the agility of a helicopter. Supporting superior speed and range whilst delivering on performance and peace of mind, the Sikorsky S76 C++ sets an unrivalled standard of excellence for VIP helicopter transport.

Interior Craftsmanship

Sleek and beautifully crafted, our S76C++ manufactured in 2008, hosts an array of thoughtfully designed upgrades to support it’s luxurious interior and to add additional executive comfort.
Including a mahogany coffee and refreshment station, premium leather upholstery.


Perfect for business or VIP charter, the aircraft seats up to 6 passengers in a large, spacious rear passenger cabin, adding amplified levels of comfort and luxury. An additional passenger can also sit alongside the pilot to accommodate a 7th passenger.

Together with the aircraft’s large, voluminous hold space, you can take a sizeable amount of luggage. Perfect for golf weekends, lengthy trips throughout the UK or even interlining with a private jet for overseas destinations.

Aircraft registration: G-MRRI
Manufacture year: 2008
Cruise Speed: 155KTS
Seats: 7 passengers
Range: 360NM