4K Ultra Telephoto

Canon 20x50 lens

GB Helicopters now owns a 4k aerial camera system integrated with the freshly released 4k Cine Canon lens. The 20×50 ultra telephoto zoom lens offers stunning UHD performance; ideal for sporting events and wildlife applications and compliments their already superb C516 camera system from GSS.

The system fitted with a Red Epic Dragon sensor, has been bespokely calibrated to adapt to both the 30-300mm lens and now the 20×50; both by Canon and encase them within the 16” carbon-fibre gimbal structure. Having initially chosen the GSS system due to its ability to effortlessly interchange payloads. It is ideally suited to task changes whilst on location, catering for dramatic wide shots as well as long range close ups of specific subjects with only minutes of downtime to effect the change.

The two Canon lenses offer the unprecedented quality, flexibility and usability required for shoots in demanding and unpredictable environments. Combining the finest quality optics with a weather-and-shock-proof construction the 20×50 lens is perfect for aerial action shooting, its unrivalled focal length and zooming capabilities capture extremely high-resolution from a distance as well as minuscule details with immaculate definition for close-to-the-action sports work. The lens also maintains the highest quality throughout its impressive zooming range with fast, reactive positional changes. Fitted to the Red Epic Dragon this sensor-lens combination leaves endless possibility for filming requirements.

The C516 as a whole is the lightest most compact system of its type, helping to maintain aircraft operating limitations and endurance whilst maximising payload. GB Helicopters also own and operate an all-weather Air Operators Certificate, which allows the legal carriage of passengers on task; valid throughout the UK and Northern Europe this charter certificate enables a wide operating area of interest. It also allows the ability for the director to watch from the aircraft cabin to ensure that vital sequence has been captured. Simultaneously recording up to 6k R3D files to the Red Epic Dragon or alternatively offering the ability to downlink live images, ensuring any additional viewing requirement can be met on the ground with radio links to the aircraft for direction.

For stabilised footage requirements further afield, the entire system can be packed into five cases, all qualifying under excess baggage, in order to avoid lengthy delays associated with freighting equipment. The C516 can be mounted to multiple types of aircraft, vehicles and marine vessels making it a unit for all occasions.

Alternate camera sensors which we can offer within the C516 platform are the Arri Alexa Mini and the Sony P1.

For further information about the system and for bookings and availability contact the operations team at ops@gbhelicopters.com or call 0800 030 4105.