Utility Helicopter OLCP



With current clients including Scottish power, Manweb, Blom and Terratec our growth in the onshore utility markets has continued to soar and we are fast becoming a number one helicopter company for the aerial utility surveys.

Safety is our primary objective, which is why we have invested in the best equipment to date. Our 4-in-1 utility camera system is unparalleled within the UK and teamed with our young, robust helicopter fleet, it allows us to offer superior performance and on task services. Exceeding competitors by being both cost effective and providing safer working solutions.

Nose mounted for maximum field of view, our state of the art camera platform has fully digital 4-axis gyro stabilisation. This military grade gyro technology allows the device to stay level during helicopter manoeuvring, compensating for the aircraft movements and vibrations during flight, ensuring smooth, stable imaging is recorded.

High-Resolution and High-Definition equipped upgrades on all aspects of our camera system also means we offer unmatched clarity and quality reporting capabilities. An additional array of high specification internal features also lies in situ, providing the ability to view all four-camera sensors at once as well as collect GPS recorded data to simplify recall analysis and provide fast evaluation and reports, ideal for time critical missions.

Our advanced system is perfect for multiple utility surveys and applications including statutory power line inspections to full conditional assessments. Thermal imaging surveys for property heat-loss and wildlife population estimating purposes are well within our capabilities.

Combined with specialist utility orientated pilots, we not only grasp the demanding schedules involved in the UK utility markets but possess the skills, experience and accuracy required to get on task missions completed quickly and safely, making us a reliable mechanism in the aerial survey platform.

With all this in place, we offer full reporting as standard whilst reducing fixed cost by up to 30%. There are no limitations to our onshore utility abilities.




Our state of the art utility camera platform encases four sensors into a compact and lightweight 16” gimbal. The fully digital, gyro stabilized configuration boasts high resolution and high definition modifications making it perfectly designed for demanding inspections and it’s 4-axis gyros compensate for aircraft movement and isolate vibration to provide smooth stable imaging. Meanwhile the 4-camera sensors can record together, giving you the ability to collect all data in one flight.

The systems substantially robust and high strength frame is designed and manufactured using an aluminium structure combined with composite covers. Nose mounted to the helicopter by specialist engineers the system is free from any viewing restrictions.

The quad camera systems high clarity and high precision sensors provide outstanding performance on all levels.

If you require more specifications on our utility services and our 4-in-1 camera system please contact on of our operations team on 0800 030 4105 or email ops@gbhelicopters.com