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A stabilising camera mount that balances quality with budget. The filming mount provides your production company with unlimited scope and versatility. It is configured with adjustable tilt head and handles; allowing you to use the camera mount to be used in small difficult spaces, while its quick release mounting plate makes it easy to change payloads; depending on task. The Mini Gyro is hand held, giving you further flexibility of going from one shooting platform to another quickly and easily.

Handles Rotate 170 Degrees

For Optimal Operating

Camera Head

Tilt 30 Degrees

Shock Tube

Unique Non-Linear Design

Semispherical Foot

For Unrestricted Camera Moves

Quick Release Camera Plate

Fast Paced Camera Changes

Battery Light

Status Indicator

Mini Gyro Body

Invertor & Electronics

2 Attach Points

For Securing Straps


The Mini Gyro stabilising camera mount is the perfect piece of aerial filming equipment aimed at limited budget productions. Cheaper than nose mounted camera systems but still providing higher levels of stability than without the guide of a camera mount. The Mini Gyro is easy to use, quick to assemble and cheap to hire. Allowing you to focus your budget on other parts of the production.


The Mini Gyro is manufactured with aerial filming in mind. It boasts a variety of features to aid you in achieving the perfect shot. First is the shock tube at the base of the Filming mount that absorbs vibrations and turbulence from the aircraft, or any vehicle.

Integrated in the structural body of the camera mount is also 2 K-8 Kenyon Gyro Stabilizers, worthy of military use, these components work alongside the shock tube to provide even more stability and maximum handheld performance.


The Mini Gyro is a lightweight system provided in a wheeled shipping case, making it ideal for transporting to various shoot locations worldwide. Its compact size also makes the system very manoeuvrable whilst filming regardless of space limitations.

With no installation required the filming mount is also a perfectly multifunctional stabilising camera mount. Combined with a one-minute assembly, the system supports a quick set up for fast paced shooting and location changes. Transferring onto any moving platform including aircraft, boat, chase car or motorbike.