Capture Broadcast aerial footage with our GSS broadcast configuration with Sony HDC P1 and fuji 42 x 9.7

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Our state of the art C516 has been developed by GSS specialist engineers to support further payloads more commonly recognised by broadcast applications.

At the heart of the GSS System is the Sony HDC P1, a lightweight and compact camera with big performance capabilities and impeccable colour quality. Combined with the industry trusted Fujinon 42 x 9.7 lens, that adds the finishing touches to supply broadcast based productions with a best-in-class payload set up. Aerial footage results are high in quality regardless of application.



Engineered with 5-axis gyro-stabilised fibre optics for full flexibility. The system performs exceptionally and can isolate and help eliminate vibrations from helicopter movement throughout the flight. Creating ultra-smooth HD aerial footage. It’s 5-axis gyros also enables impeccable 360 degree range flexibility for versatile filming freedom.

The gimbal has been constructed using the latest technologies in carbon fibre. This means at a mere 16 inches in diameter, the system is the smallest and lightest aerial camera platform in its class. Modularised to break down quickly into 5 cases that can be shipped as excess baggage, the system can travel worldwide at low-costs without limiting filming quality or aircraft endurance during the shoot.

With rigging taking approximately 1-1.5 hours, it can be assembled and on task in limited time frames. Recording from inside the aircraft, media card changes can be made on task, making the GSS the perfect system to cater for diverse and fast paced shoots.



The camera is built from sophisticated core technologies established through the long-time development of the Sony’s HDC Series, enhancing the creative fluidity of live production. Designed to accommodate proposed formats for future-proof flexibility, in addition to 1080 50/60p and 720/50P operation.

Although the Sony HDC P1 is the smallest, lightest camera, in the Sony HDC range. With 2/3-inch type 2.2-mega pixel full HD there is no compromise on picture quality and performance. Compatible with multiple lenses the sensor provides flexibility for filming requirements.

The sensor boasts two optical filters; Neutral Density and Colour Correction, these provide the Sony HDC P1 with further flexibility under changing lighting conditions and offers easy picture matching compared to other cameras in class.

The Sony HDC P1 part of our GSS broadcast series



The Fujinon 42×9.7 has 42x optical zoom designed specifically for high definition broadcast and video applications. Known for their high build quality and precision optics, Fujinon lenses have become the industry standard for professional filming applications worldwide. The optics increase fidelity, making sure HD aerial footage is crystal clear.


For instant close-up shots, the lens houses a QuickZoom switch that doubles the focal length at any point in the zoom range. Moving to full telephoto and delivering immediate close-up images.

The lens element design fitted for the internal focus mechanism greatly reduces image distortions. These advances contribute to more balanced imaging from center to edge throughout the aperture range.