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The EC135

GB Helicopters EC135 G-OPAH -perfect for Executive travel and helicopter transfers 

• Seats up to 6 Passengers •

• Cruise Speed 130kts •

• Large Luggage Capacity •

Perfect for Helicopter transfers and executive travel, the EC135 Helicopter is a proven light twin-helicopter. Featuring the latest advancements in technology, wide rotors for increased lift performance, and enhanced engines, this multifunctional aircraft boasts unarguable performance levels.

The EC135 has exceptional range, making it capable of covering huge distances quickly ideal for long executive travel services.Seating up to 6 passengers in comfort. This aircraft has a 5-seat luxury leather rear cabin and boasts a cavernous boot. The boot space can be utilitised for excessive baggage or equipment, making it a prime aircraft for golf trips or weekends away.

The low-cost fuel performance associated with the EC135 also makes this machine a significant choice for quick, short, helicopter transfers, between golf clubs, airports or other key sporting events.

GB Helicopters currently operates G-OPAH. With a striking silver iridescent starburst paintwork, G-OPAH is a popular choice with many of our clients.

As helicopter charter specialists, we can assist you with any enquiries about our fleet, executive travel or helicopter transfers please do not hesitate to contact our operations team on 0800 030 4105 or email