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As experienced specialists in Aerial filming, we understand the additional needs that productions have to maximise the efficiency of each shoot and location; therefore we offer a multitude of services beyond filming requirements for production houses.

We are certified with both AOC and aerial works permits, part SPO. These combined permissions set us further apart from competitors. Our AOC allows us to provide charters through filming to transfer VIPs and key personnel to any remote and hostile shoot locations. Whilst our utility load lifting equipment and experience allows us to transfer camera equipment safely and efficiently under aerial works permissions.

With 7 Aircraft in our fleet we can provide multiple aircraft, per location, enabling rapid redeployment of production crew and equipment to various sites throughout the day, saving you large amounts of time on set.

We only deploy pilots for filming tasks who highly experienced not only in the filming but also in cargo transportation and load lifting. Most crewmembers boast extensive military training in additional to in-house training and have accumulated a high number of flying hours.


The utility cargo nets are designed for durability and high visibility. Including UV protection and abrasion resistance for long-life performance. These cargo nets are assembled using the high quality, large diameter rope. Made up of materials including a coated knotless nylon.

Our under slung helicopter cargo nets are state-of-the-art and boast a reinforced centre designed for high- wear resistance and suitable to support heavy loads in a rugged environments. The certified and tested heavy-duty weight, and equipment transfer load limit is 1500lbs.

Our utility cargo nets, combined with our innovative helicopter cargo hook equipment are built by specialist renown for their high quality products to reflect our commitment to quality and safety. Although built tough, our nets comes with a full field repair kit for any mild damage repair as standard. This is to ensure that your production equipment is kept safe and secure throughout the load lifting and equipment transfer process.