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Recognised worldwide for capturing high-profile sporting events, film and television. The nose mounted Cineflex aerial camera system with its 5-axis gyro stabilized gimbal provides stunning stability and precise shots aerial cinematographers can rely on. Built with a tough, carbon shell and multiple payload integration the Cineflex system offers solutions for even the most difficult and demanding production and broadcast tasks.

Our filming aircraft can be provided as part of a full aerial filming package with the system, camera technician and operator. Further information on our bespoke filming packages please contact our operations team.


The Cineflex is one of the ultimate lightweight and lowest costing aerial camera systems to date.

Constructed with a carbon case that helps keep the system lightweight; contributing to low cost shipping and maintaining the aircrafts maximum endurance for filming tasks.

Built with a specialised carbon, that is designed for the harshest of conditions and rigged in less than 2 hours, the aerial gimbal can provide feature film quality worldwide.

The Cineflex aerial camera system encases stunning military grade, 5-point multi-axis gyro technology. A coordinated control provides layered isolation, steering, and fine correctional movements to stabilise a wide selection of precision optics. These attributes combined make the Cineflex boast superior stabilization and therefore an ideal gyro-stabilized solution for aerial filming applications.

The Cineflex aerial gimbal is an efficient choice for aerial filming productions. With onboard recording and instant playback, the aerial cameraman and director can make decisions from inside the helicopter. Recording from inside the aircraft also allows media card changes can be made on task, without the need to land for these changes maximum flight times can be achieved. Making the Cineflex a perfect aerial camera system for sporting events and fast paced turnaround shoots.