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Highly experienced in aerial filming and photography, we can provide bespoke quotes for your individual requirements. Whether being utilised as part of a full production package, shooting air to air or to gain creative architectural visuals for advertising campaigns, capturing images by helicopter provides a superior aerial platform.

Our bespoke photography window installed in some of our aircraft opens creative possibilities with heightened levels of safety. Allowing you to capture the perfect birds-eye view from the comfort of an closed cabin.

Our own AOC and long-stemmed relationship with the UK CAA allow us to achieve low level flying permissions that others cannot. Highlighted last year alone after we were granted low level flying at 200’ along the Thames. Our experienced operations team will organise any permissions as well as assist you with timeframes and logistics of the flight, helping you make the most of your time in the air. This is especially beneficial if you are hoping to achieve shots from multiple locations in a single shoot day.

Most companies provide their own photographer and camera, however we do have strong connections with some of the best aerial photographers within the UK industry and this can be tailored into your aerial photography package. If you wish to discuss this option, our operations team will be more than happy to assist you.


Some of our aircraft designated to aerial filming and aerial photography tasks have been configured with a bespoke sliding window application, dedicated to improve safety performance for aerial photography.

Ideal for a variety of missions the window is larger than the standard manufacture fit, giving an unobstructed view. It also features a large slide opening for easy maneuverability and ready access for photography and observation applications. The lightweight construction has no additional impact on aircraft performance and has been fitted with additional stiffeners to reinforce the window and eliminate vibration.

This window enables the door to remain closed throughout flight and therefore adds further safety elements than shooting with the door open or off, without hindering aerial viewing performance. Because of this adaptation to our helicopter, we have set ourselves further apart from competitors.


A more traditional method of achieving aerial photography is to leave the aircraft door locked in the open position throughout flight and the aerial photographer harnessed safely into the rear cabin.

Constructed with strong robust material for long-life performance. Our harnesses are supplied by the leading manufactures for aerial safety wear and have undergone stringent safety and performance testing, reflecting our own commitment to quality and safety.

For more information on our aerial photography options please contact our operations team.