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The C516 is part of the proven cinematic series from GSS. Configured with multiple sensors and payload options aimed to cater to your production requirements. Our system comes configured with either the industry leading Red Epic Dragon or the Arri Alexa Mini. Both renown for their unprecedented UHD quality these 4K aerial cameras support best-in-class Canon lenses. Our Red sensor offers a speedy 30-minute interchange between both the 50-1000mm Cine lens and the 30-300mm Canon lens. Whilst the Alexa Mini supports the 30-300mm.

With 7 aircraft in operation we can also provide air to air filming or multiple camera ships and 4K aerial cameras to suit your budget and production needs.



Engineered with 5-axis gyro-stabilised fibre optics for full flexibility. The system performs exceptionally and can isolate and help eliminate vibrations from helicopter movement throughout the flight. Creating ultra-smooth, ultra-HD, cinematic footage. It’s 5-axis gyros also enables impeccable 360 degree range flexibility for versatile filming freedom.

The gimbal has been constructed using the latest technologies in carbon fibre. This means at a mere 16 inches in Diameter, the system is the smallest and lightest 4K aerial camera platform in its class. Modularised to break down quickly into 5 cases that can be shipped as excess baggage, the system can travel worldwide at low-costs without limiting filming quality or aircraft endurance during the shoot.

With rigging taking approximately 1-1.5 hours, it can be assembled and on task in limited time frames, A quick-change access door allows media cards to be changed in minutes to assist fast paced productions. With a camera technician supplied as standard, further lens changes can be achieved on task. Switching from 4K zoom to a 4K ultra-telephoto lens in less than 30 minutes, making the GSS the perfect system to cater for diverse shoots.



The Industry leading red epic dragon 6K sensor, provides the highest resolution and produces outstanding cinema quality footage. Picture detail goes beyond that of 35mm, comparing only to 65mm in image density. With 9x more pixels than HD the Red Epic Dragon is renown for its image innovation and leaves footage appearing more refined and detailed compared to other cameras in its class.

The Red Epic Dragon sensor features advanced color science. Improved dynamic range and low-light capabilities means softer skin tones, more vibrant primary colors and impressive subtle color variations. Capturing footage that is true to life.

Designed for cinema applications and cinematographers, the Red Epic Dragon supports multiple payloads offering open-ended creative possibilities. The flexibility and capability of this camera has led to it being used on some of the biggest feature films, commercials and promos.



The Alexa Mini is a versatile tool for aerial camera systems and is highly sought after throughout the industry. Recognized by production professionals for boasting superior sensor and image quality, the Alexa Mini is perfect for capturing unprecedented UHD aerial filming.

The Alexa Mini is uniquely suited to next‑generation HD; High Dynamic Range, that are likely to play a major role in future format standards. In addition, the Alexa Mini boasts camera speeds of 0.75 – 200 fps allowing it to be used for slow‑motion as well as high frame rate shots.

The Alexa Mini can record 4K UHD ProRes images and facilitates real-time 4K UHD aerial filming deliverables. The Mini also offers unrivalled overall image quality by focusing not just on spatial resolution but also on other image quality parameters. Using bigger and better pixels, the Alexa captures a wider dynamic range, truer colors, less noise and more natural skin tones than other cameras regardless of resolution output.


CANON 50-1000MM

Canon engineers, specialists in lens technology have developed this ultra-telephoto zoom lens that delivers unrivalled long focal performance. Boasting the world’s longest focal length and highest magnification amongst the super lens market and an 11-blade iris enables a smooth bokeh for out-of-focus areas of the frame. The cine 50-1000mm offers unprecedented possibilities for 4K aerial cameras and filmmaking.

Easily integrated to suit both cinema style and broadcast applications. The lens features a removeable drive that houses broadcast communication. Removal of this feature enables full UHD aerial filming capabilities of the Red Epic Dragon or Alexa Mini without restriction.

With a 20:1 zoom ratio; extending from a wide 50mm up to 1000mm, the payload is the longest super 35mm telephoto lens in the industry to date. Allowing users to obtain close-up 4K footage whilst maintaining aircraft safety distances.


CANON 30-300MM

With a focal length range of 30-300mm, the 10x cinema zoom lens is designed to cover the focal lengths typically required by cinematic aerials and high-end productions. It’s maximum telephoto length of 300mm and supporting 11-blade aperture diaphragm for soft cinematic blurring puts this lens among the best in its class.

Designed with professionals in mind, the lens complements multiple sensors by offering wide to telephoto with just one lens, opening creative possibilities with exceptional usability in high-end applications.

Featuring advanced optical technology and large aspherical elements designed by canon engineers, the 30-300 lens is worthy of capturing unrivalled 4K optical performance. Achieving sharp, consistent images throughout the zoom range and impressive performance on demanding tasks.