Our AS355 rigged with Camera system




GB Helicopters have a state-of-the-art C516; 4k aerial camera system from Gyro Stabilised Systems (GSS). With over 70 years of innovative experience in the stabilised camera systems industry, GSS have bespokely constructed our C516 using the latest Carbon-fibres, fibre-optic gyros and cutting edge camera technologies. Upgraded to the highest modifications, we now own the smallest and lightest 4k aerial camera system within the UK.



The newest, most advanced 5-axis gyro stabilised 4k camera system. Featuring a Red Epic Dragon sensor that is known for its image innovation and 6k resolution ability. The Camera system shoots at 4k as standard and is complimented with a Canon 30-300 lens. This is extremely high quality as it shoots with 9x more pixels than HD, and as a result of it’s excessive abilities, 4k footage appears more refined and detailed compared to that captured at lower resolutions.

Footage is supplied as Raw files on completion of shooting for immediate post-production processing. Editors have the ability to pull perfect still images from the film footage; capturing 100 frames per second at the camera systems 4k ability. Click here to see what cinematic, TV productions and stills have been shot-on-red.


Engineered with 5-axis gyro-stabilised fibre optics for full flexibility. The system can isolate and help eliminate vibrations from helicopter movement throughout the flight. Creating ultra-smooth, ultra-HD, cinematic footage. Its 5-axis gyros also enables impeccable 360 degree range flexibility for versatile filming freedom.

The gimbal has been constructed using the latest technologies in Carbon Fibre. This means at a mere 16 inches in Diameter, the system is the smallest and lightest 4k aerial camera platform to date. Modularised to break down quickly into 5 cases that can be shipped as excess baggage, the system can travel worldwide at low-costs without limiting filming quality or aircraft endurance during the shoot. Plus, with rigging taking approximately 1-1.5 hours, it can be assembled and on task in limited time frames.


GB Helicopters continually strive to meet our clients exacting demands, which is why we have invested in the latest 4k camera system and camera technologies. We also operate some of the youngest twin-engine helicopters within the UK and have selectively chosen our highly experience pilots and experienced cameramen/aerial directors.

Understanding efficiency and extra levels of safety are complied with fully; our operations team have the knowledge and experience in planning and coordinating aerial filming tasks. We work with the CAA to gain the correct aerial permissions; low flying exemptions and restricted-airspace zone authorisations that are needed to conduct flights in the safest manner possible. We also hold a £15 million public liability Insurance; a self set minimum requirement on all of our aircraft, with the flexibility to gain authorisations up to £25 million with ease.

On-task we offer live FPV (first person view) technology. This allows our camera operator and your director, if you wish someone to be on board, to see live camera feeds and can pan, tilt and control the system for perfect shooting from inside the aircraft, enabling full control during shooting. This allows you to achieve the shots quickly and efficiently. Making the most of the time in the air and therefore lowering production costs.

On completion of the shoot, Raw files will be provided on portable hard drives for immediate post-production and editing. For single location shoots we can offer live downlinks with a range of up to 20 miles. If you require any more information on rates and availability or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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Not only can this be used as part of greater package with the GB Helicopters aircraft and team but also rented as a separate entity. The systems decreased overall size and weight in comparison to other aerial platforms helps ease its portability. Making it the best solution for transporting worldwide. Modularised into 5 cases each weighing less than 70lbs. The system can travel as excess baggage. For more information on rates and availability or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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GB Can offer a fully stabilised Cineflex HD camera system. Hugely accredited within the filming industry for its unmatched clarity and stability and noted by its contribution to BBC’s planet Earth series, Cineflex is now celebrating 10 years of quality and innovation.

Combined with our highly experienced team of pilots, our aerial filming packages are designed to deliver you with the most cost effective and creative shoots. With our adaptable fleet we can offer both single and twin engine helicopters to fit your budget, leaving filming limited only by imagination.

Nose mounted for maximum view, the cineflex consists of military grade gyro technology and components allowing the device to deliver incredible vibration free HD filming. The 5-axis stabilization enables the camera to keep level throughout helicopter maneuvering and the system boasts interchangeable lenses for further versatile shooting.

For further information on the our HD filming capabilities please do not hesitate to call our operations team on 0800 030 4105 or email ops@gbhelicopters.com

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