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GB Helicopters operate 7 luxury twin-engine helicopters, suitable for all-weather, VIP helicopter charter and offer a level of luxury travel that is second to none. As a leading UK operator of on-shore, high-performance and twin-engine helicopters, GB Helicopters specialise in business and personal VIP helicopter charter, aerial filming and flying for the onshore utility markets. With helicopter charter bases conveniently located throughout the country, we are a premium choice for providing a bespoke and efficient, luxury travel service. With an impressive 8 Helicopter fleet including an AW109SP, B429, 5 AS355 Twin Squirrels and an AS350 Single Squirrel, we can provide charters to suit a range of passengers and budgets and, with both day/night and all-weather capabilities, wherever, whenever you need to go we’ll be there to take you. With an enviable fleet of aircraft we approach the industry with a fresh outlook, to simply offer our customers the ultimate in safety, luxury and efficiency.  


Sumptuous leather, beautiful aircraft, select catering and privacy come as standard with GB Helicopters charter fleet. Our aircraft are some of the youngest in the industry and offer an unparalleled, luxurious environment..


Safety is our primary concern, our fleet consists of the latest variants of each aircraft type with proven safety records and our pilots have a combined experience exceeding 40,000 flight hours.


If time is important to you or your business then we can offer you the most efficient form of transport available in the UK today – Helicopter Charter. Travel from Manchester to London in 55 minutes, arrive fresh & ready.



Our growth in the onshore utility markets has continued to soar and we are fast becoming a number one helicopter company for the aerial surveys.

Safety is our primary objective, which is why we have invested in the best equipment to date. Our 4-in-1 utility camera system is unparalleled within the UK, teamed with our young, robust helicopter fleet, it allows us to offer superior performance for aerial surveys. Exceeding competitors by being both cost effective and providing safer working solutions.

Nose mounted for maximum field of view, this state of the art camera platform has fully digital 4-axis gyro stabilisation. Military grade gyro-technology also allows the device to stay level during helicopter manoeuvring, compensating for the aircraft movements and vibrations during flight and ensuring smooth, stable imaging is recorded.

High-Resolution and High-Definition equipped upgrades on all aspects of our camera system also means we offer unmatched clarity and quality reporting capabilities. An additional array of high specification internal features also lies in situ, providing the ability to view all four-camera sensors at once as well as collect GPS recorded data to simplify recall analysis and provide fast evaluation and reports, ideal for time critical missions.

Our advanced system is perfect for multiple utility surveys and applications including statutory power line inspections to full conditional assessments. Thermal imaging surveys for property heat-loss and wildlife population estimating purposes are well within our capabilities.

for more information on the camera system and utility services we can offer contact us on 0800 030 4105 or email


  Offering an array of aerial filming and photography platforms, we have the ability to provide bespoke quotes tailored to your individual filming requirements and budgets. These include nose mounted GSS c516 and the HD Cineflex through to handheld stabilised mounts shot from the side of the helicopter. Designed to deliver you with the most cost effective and creative shoots. With our adaptable fleet we can offer both single and twin engine helicopters to fit your budget, leaving filming limited only by imagination. Strong connections with highly successful camera operators and camera directors, combined with a young fleet and highly experienced pilots with thousands of hours of relevant experience allow us to provide an aerial filming service that is second to none. Whether you require a simple hand held shot or National Geographic quality fully stabilised HD we ready to go. For further information on the our aerial filming capabilities and more examples of our award winning work, please do not hesitate to call our operations team on 0800 030 4105 or email

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